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William Meli   [05/01/12]  Middlesbrough
Recommended Groups []
I have been to the festival a few times over the last 5-6 years and I enjoy it very much. However, there seems to be little time for audience to mix with international dance roups and to share experiences and talk. I would like to mention if you would possibly consider bringing a dance ensemble from Moldova. I understand Moldova has been at the festival in the past, but not in recent years. As you may know, Moldova is famous for its Gypsy Music and Dance and I would like to see a dance ensemble from Moldova at the festival in the near future. I would also like to see some African countries represented at the festival incuding Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Mauritius and Senegal.
sharon ford  [31/08/11]  billingham
festival sponsors []
the groups are getting better each year the georgian group is the best yet . ihope you get more sponsors we need to keep this festival going if you can sponsor as i did this year you are playing your part to keep this fab festival going
Gordon Jenkins  [14/08/11]  Durham
Mr []
2011 Festival was truly amazing,all the groups were outstanding. Have to say we did not see anything to let the public know it was on. Well done everyone!
Wili  [18/07/11]  Venezuela
Well i was in the festival, with the group from Venezuela, in 2005 and i will like to see some pictures and videos about that year! Can be possible? Thanks, by the way great Festival!
Kath Burgin  [28/09/09]  South Yorkshire
I was unaware of the festival until I found the website by accident. It sounds wonderful. But why are English traditions so under-represented? There are many teams in the North of England who would be delighted to represent their country, with some traditional English dancing. Kath Burgin, Leader, Yorkshire Chandelier
Pitchaporn  [23/08/09]  Thai
wonderfull festival []
i think that festival was really good all the groups were looks great for everybody
Susan  [13/08/09]  Billingham
This year was absolutley amazing!!! Never fail to impress! Well done and a massive thanks to Joe and Olga (and Lis!!) for all the hard work and preperation. Thoroughly enjoyed it and hope next year is just as good...if not better!
BRIAN  [18/04/09]  Billingham
Just seen the you tube vids of this years groups promises to be an excellent line up well done see you all in august
Fiona  [03/01/09]  Billingham
2009 []
Just read the possible group list for 2009's festival it looks great, i'm getting excited already.
linzi   [01/01/09]  thornaby
great festival []
hi the festival this year was really good all the groups were amazing and it was sad to see them go. cant wait until the festival 2009 i hope to help out again.
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