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linzi   [01/01/09]  thornaby
great festival []
hi the festival this year was really good all the groups were amazing and it was sad to see them go. cant wait until the festival 2009 i hope to help out again.
ne_e akdemir  [23/10/08]  turkey
it was one of the best festival organization i ever seen that we had so good time there,also i want to say that billingham is a placa where art meets love, culture meets friendship!thanks for everything,hope to be there again,with love...
Maria Portelli  [18/08/08]  
The 44th BIFF was excellent, I participated with the group Malta GC!!
fiona  [08/08/08]  Billingham
Another great festival []
Just to say what a great festival we had only a few weeks ago, the groups were really entertaining and friendly. Having volunteered with the festival for a number of years and worked closely with the groups its great to see how each year we always get amazing groups and the festival is never boring. Already looking forward to finding out the range of groups for 2009 festival and counting the weeks! Well done to the directors who spend countless hours finding the best groups to entertain us and make the festival happen.
Volkan Colak - Turkey  [08/08/08]  
There was very good atmosphere in Bede College... It was very enjoyable... There was very good friendship in there but we are so far to Bede College :(
Sharon Scott  [28/07/08]  
Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed Saturdays Opening performance. I always try to support this festival by attending with my daughter and her friends, obviously subject to our holidays. I think this year the Italians and Columbians were exceptional. I have spread the word around here at SBC and told staff to go and see the festival, together with my mum and her friends. I feel it puts Billingham on the map for good positive reasons as opposed to just being a Town with 'Chemical Plants' Compliments to the many volunteers involved in this festival
sharon ford  [09/07/08]  billingham
excellant website []
it looks a very good festival again its always nice to new groups its good to see them on web site cant wait
fiona aka spud  [08/06/08]  Billingham
Not long to go now (47 days) []
Hey not long till the festival now, i'm interested in the boat trip (only just seen your message) - is it the 12 july just two weeks before the festival? is there still room? i can think of another 2 or three people who might be interested.
AZMAN BIN ISMAIL  [13/05/08]  kuala lumpur malaysia
AZMAN BIN ISMAIL  [20/04/08]  kuala lumpur malaysia
billingham ferstival 2008 []
Hi..I'm from Malaysia Airlines Cultural Troup, will perform this year 2008 at Billingham. Hear sound like very intresting Festival I hope. So will meet you at Billingham in 25 July - 2 Aug 2008. I'm very excited to be there. Have a nice day a peace to the world with get together in Festival....Jumpa Di Billingham England
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