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dee  [03/04/08]  billingham
the way it was []
i like many people i know want the festival back to its former glory,the stands in front of the council offices,fireworks back in the park etc,our festival seems very run down now while stocktons festival keeps on getting better. if they can have the fireworks etc, then why can't we. if anyone knows why our festival became so run down please say on this site. LETS GET THE OLD FESTIVAL BACK.
halfbaked  [15/03/08]  
trip []
arranging boat trip on 12/07/08.numbers required as so as possile please.
Melissa  [13/03/08]  Haiti
Video of Haiti 2004 []
Hi, I was one of the dancers from the "national ballet and folklore of Haiti". I saw all the videos that you posted fron the billingham dance festival, and was really happy to see them. I just wanted to let you know. Also, i dont really have a lot of souvenirs from that festival, so that's why i was even happier to reminisce from this. Thanks for this moment! Melissa (from Haiti).
Gonzalo  [13/03/08]  ARGENTINA
Video of Argentina 2007 []
Hey! I am from Argentina, and I appear in one of your videos. I wanted to tell you that your videos are really great, and when I watch them I feel really nice because I had a really great time in the Billingham festival! =) Best wishes! Gonzalo, from Cimarron Ballet, Argentina
Marco  [13/03/08]  Sardinia
Video of Sardinia 2007 []
great videos....i was there with the group from sardinia!! thanx for posting it!! see you Marco
Kath  [09/09/07]  Rayleigh
2007 Slideshow []
I have just watched the slideshow for this year and had to sit and watch it all over again. I knew this was one of the best years ever and that slide show really does it justice. Well done Olga and Lisa for a brilliant presentation and well done Joe for being extremely patient with certain groups! I would also like to comment on how nice all the guides were this year. The atmosphere was lovely and added to the enjoyment of the festival for me. Ca't wait for next year.
Fiona AKA Spud  [31/08/07]  Thoranby
Festival 2007 []
Hi, I really enjoyed this years festival and found the groups exciting. It was really nice to see the town centre arena with lots of people all through the week. Shame it rained on the final night but we can't control the weather at least it was good for the rest of the time. Already looking forward to 2008's festival. Fiona
brian lightfoot  [17/08/07]  billingham
crinkly []
congratulations to joe&olga on a really good festival,the best for a few years see you in 2008 brian l
Phillip Crockett  [06/08/07]  Billingham
time for improvement maybe? []
I've always been a fan of the Billingham Festival, however I do believe that public interest has lowered and I'll admit mine has too. I think it's lost the excitement that it once deilvered. I still enjoy watching the dancers and am proud that they come to Billingham to perfom...yet I think they deserve more of a celebration like they used to get, e.g. Banners, fireworks in the park, food stalls, etc etc. The bus that's provided for the performers looks old and run down. A little decoration, e.g. a variety of flags from the bus windows would make it look better! I was dissapointed with such a short send off on the last day. I just hope next year it improves.
IAN  [20/04/07]  BILLINGHAM`
FES 2007 []
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