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Folk Dance { Bhangra / Gidha }

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1. To develop and promote Punjabi consciousness through art, literature and sports activities including martial arts for self defense. 2. To present the art and culture of Punjab and Punjabi as well as other communities. 3. To promote the teaching and learning of Punjabi language at all communities in the process of promoting multiracial education in India and England. 4. To encourage and assist in the training of teachers in art and literature of Punjab. 5. To pursue the efforts to create ethnic equality , world peace and third world development through art and literature. 6. To provide resource center where people from Punjabi community can meet to seek support , help and encouragement in coping with specific problems they face in terms of isolation , racism and domestic / matrimonial problems. 7. To promote the interests of Punjabi community through research and published reports in furtherance of the aims and objectives, and to provide assistance in their use of the welfare and voluntary and non-voluntary agencies. 8. to provide advice on health, legal matters and benefits like social security and housing benefits from Punjab. 10. To provide the help to poor, disable children, poor children those dose not have money to pay their school fees, medical camps, medicine, widows and also arrange the marriages of poor girls. 11. To increase an awareness of relieving poverty and to improve the life conditions of underdeveloped countries suffering from lack of basic necessities of life by providing financial and social help. 12. The relief of poverty hardship and distress among the inhabitants of the Punjab, in particular but not by way of limitation among children in drought and flood effected areas, by the provision of or assistance in the provision of food, clothing or other material support and by the provision of advice on accessing available state or local authority benefits. 13. The advancement of education among children and young people in the Punjab by the establishment, maintenance and operation of a free school and by the provision of essential education supplies to its students. 14. The advancement of education, both within the UK and overseas, in the art, music, dance, literature and social history of the Punjab by the promotion and staging of public artistic performances, shows and events.

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United Kingdom

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charan singh







surtal sabhiachar & samaj bhalai clu



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